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Best Kid's Climbing Dome of Summer 2020

These are the best dome climbers for children. The list includes indoor and outdoor climbing domes with varying sizes and weights.

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August 9, 2020


Ranking Image Name Age Size (Width X Height) Weight Load Price Link
1 Zupapa Outdoor Geometric Jungle Gym 3-10 10ft x 5ft 83 lbs 750 lbs $299.96
2 Lifetime Geometric Dome Climber Play Center 3-10 10ft x 5ft (60in.) NA 600 lbs $249.99
3 Easy Outdoor Space Dome Climber 3-9 7.7ft x 3.8ft 77.5 lbs 1000 lbs $269.99
4 ActivPlay 9’ Geo Dome Climber 5-7 9 x 4.25 65.7 lbs 567 lbs $279.99

INDOOR CLIMBERS (small, light, portable)

Ranking Image Name Age Size (Width X Height) Weight Load Price Link
1 Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower 3-8 5.5ft x 5.8ft 27 lbs 150 lbs $144.43
2 JAXPETY New Indoor Outdoor Dome Climber 3-10 6.6ft x 3.4ft 46.3 lbs 439 lbs $122.99


Zupapa Jungle Gym

Outdoor Geometric Jungle Gym by Zupapa is my pick for best climbing dome!

Be careful when purchasing this dome climber, there are two 2020 versions. The one I've selected as my top pick can reach a max load of 750 lbs. and comes with a 3-year warranty. The other model holds up to 735 lbs. and only comes with a 2-year warranty.

For our family, we wanted something to climb outdoors and therefore something stable and weighted. Zupapa's Jungle Gym is the heaviest you'll find at 83 lbs and also the largest at 10ft diameter and 5ft high. You may be looking for a small, light, and portable indoor climber. In that case we recommend Eezy Peezy's Climbing Tower.

Dome Climbers help children build muscles, develop critical life skills and gain self-confidence. They provide a playground for one’s all-around health, creativity, and development.

With a 3-year warranty, 5 star rating on Amazon, and only $30 more than its smaller-sized competitor, Zupapa is our pick for the best outdoor climber!

About Me

I'm Dennis, and I am passionate about movement! I graduated with a BFA in Dance and teach many different movement styles to all ages; from infants to adults. My favorite way to move around is climbing like a monkey. I hope the climbers that I've found for my family helps yours.

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