Best Montessori Climber of Summer 2020

The best montessori climbing toy is no doubt the Pikler triangle. Here is our list for the best Pikler triangle set.

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August 9, 2020

Ranking Image Name From Wood Foldable Triangle Price Set Price Link
1 Little Climber by Lily & River USA Birch Foldable $199.95 $349.95
2 PetsHelperCo Montessori Furniture Set (With Bonus Pikler Arch!) Ukraine Birch Foldable $129.50 + shipping $267.75 + shipping
3 HappyMoon Transformable Pikler Triangle Latvia Birch Transformable $363.53 + shipping $417.65 + shipping
4 RAD Kid's Furniture Climbing Triangle USA Birch Foldable $235 $345
5 KiddoClimbers Pikler Set USA Birch Foldable $249.99 $599.99


Lily & River

Little Climber by Lily & River is my pick for best Pikler Triangle!

The climber is beautiful. I was blown away by the quality and craftsmanship. It's handmade from natural birch hardwood, not like others that use a softer and cheaper woods like pine, poplar, or aspen.

Little Climber is quick and easy to assemble with clear instructions and everything neatly and thoughtfully packaged. Once completed, the triangle is conveniently foldable for storage. Not all Pikler triangles have this feature!

The price is one of the best you'll find and if you live in the USA you won't have to pay for shipping like many climbers from Latvia and Ukraine.

Our 11 month old daughter loves the Little Climber. It comes with a cute little board book that she read while I put it together, which was a nice sweet surprise. On the first day she was already crawling up and down the triangle and on and off the ramp!

Our family loves this Pikler triangle and we highly recommend it to everyone! It gives our infant a safe place to climb, learn boundaries, and teaches them fine and gross motor skills.

About Me

I'm Dennis, and I am passionate about movement! I graduated with a BFA in Dance and teach many different movement styles to all ages; from infants to adults. My favorite way to move around is climbing like a monkey. I hope the climbers that I've found for my family helps yours.

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