Best Slide and Swing Play Set of Summer 2020

Every kids favorite two things, slides and swings! This list of top indoor and outdoor playsets will give your kids years of enjoyment.

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August 9, 2020

Ranking Image Name Age Features Material Assembly Price Link
1 Little Tikes Tree House Swing Set 3-8 Slide, Swing, Lookout Plastic 3 Hours $1,199
2 KINGSO Slide and Swing Set for Toddlers 2-4 Slide, Swing, Hoop HDPE 2 Hours $139.99
3 LIFETIME Adventure Tower Swing Set 3-12 Wave Slide, 2 Swings, Rock Wall, Trapeze Bar, Clubhouse HDPE, Steel 12 Hours $1,499
4 Backyard Discovery Mount McKinley All Cedar Wood Swing Set 3-10 Wave Slide, 2 Swings, Rock Wall, Rope Ladder, Trapeze Bar, Fort Chemical-Free Stained Cedar 14 Hours $894.40
5 Sportspower Mountain View Metal Swing, Slide and Trampoline Set 3-8 Slide, 2 Swings, Trampoline, Flying Saucer, Glider Steel 15 Hours $491.60
6 Costzon Toddler Climber and Swing Set 1-6 Slide, Swing, Hoop, Elephant Nose Ringer HDPE 30 Minutes $259.99


Little Tikes

Little Tikes Tree House Swing Set is my pick for overall best backyard playset.

When it comes to outdoor slide and swing play sets, you do not want to go cheap! You will get what you pay for. Wood can splinter, steel can rust, and so sometimes plastic is the best option when it comes to safety. This is the main reason why this is my number one choice.

Longevity is also important, especially when spending this much money! Going off of my review and other reviews on Amazon, you'll see that this quality play set can weather the storms. Other options can not boast the same. I love that my daughter can enjoy this Tree House from age 3 all the way to 8.

Many of us are very busy people and don't have time or the energy for a 15 hour project. Thankfully, the assembly for this playset takes a more reasonable 3 hours. That's a huge positive for me!

One of my favorite things growing up were personal enclosed spaces like forts, clubhouses, tents, and lookouts. These special places are important for maturity, independence, and confidence as well as creativity and imagination. I love that Little Tikes Tree House incorporates such a place in their product.

While there are many sets that have additional features like basketball hoops, mini trampolines, and trapeze bars attached, these personally did interest me. If these things are important to you, there are other excellent options on my list!

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